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Criminal Defense for Miami – Dade and Broward Counties

crim defWhen choosing a Miami, Fort Lauderdale or Sunrise, Florida criminal defense attorney or criminal defense lawyer to assist you with a criminal defense case it is a difficult decision – decisions the defendant and his or her family should not take lightly.

Katz & Associates Law Firm and its criminal defense lawyers and criminal defense attorneys with offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Sunrise takes their knowledge of state criminal laws in Florida as well as the experience of the attorneys handling your case matter to zealously represent you. Successful criminal defenserequires much thought, creating strong strategies, applying Florida criminal law to those strategies, and presenting winning arguments to the presiding judge and jury all in an attempt to paint the defendant as a law abiding and decent person. Every person deserves a fair chance at justice – let Katz & Associates Law Firm and its criminal defense lawyers help you during this difficult time.  Why choose our Miami criminal defense lawyers?

When Katz & Associates Law Firm’scriminal defense lawyers decide to take on a criminal case, we will immediately start the process defending our client. We take your freedom andcriminal defensematter very seriously. When shopping around for criminal defense attorneys and criminal defense lawyers, it is very important to choose the law firm that you feel and know will handle your case well and with all possible strategies.

I know its important to save money and to find the best deal however, when dealing with your freedom and the possibility of losing that freedom the most important decisions should not be price but that of comfort in who is representing you.  It is true that you can choose the public defender and they do a good job; however, if you want personal attention and do not want to end up in a pile of a thousand cases then choosing a private criminal defense lawyer is the right choice.

The moment we are hired we start the investigative process which includes reviewing video tapes, police reports, evidence, and any witnesses’ testimony available so we can determine the strength of the State Prosecutor’s case against you. Finding the holes in the State prosecutions’ case is key to your criminal defense. In order for the State to convict you in criminal case, the State must prove by a standard known as “guilty beyond a reasonable doubt”. This means that there can be no other possible alternative other than the criminal defendant being the culprit. It is our job as criminal defense lawyers and criminal defense attorneys to reveal that the evidence in fact creates doubt. If we are able to create such doubt, the criminal defendant should be found not guilty.

Our criminal defense attorneys handles the following criminal defenseareas of law:

DUI Offensesgavel

– Drug Offenses

– Assault & Battery Offenses

– Driving with Suspended License

– Theft & Burglary Offenses

– Violation of Parole

Katz & Associates Law Firm handles criminal defense legal matters inMartin County, Saint Lucie County, Palm Beach County, Broward Countyand Miami-Dade County. Contact us now for a free case evaluation.