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Katz & Assoicates’ Divorce Lawyers in Sunrise Florida can assist you with your divorce.  The only way a marriage is legally terminated is by divorce through a court order. Divorce in Sunrise Florida is governed by The Marriage Dissolution Act and the process of divorce is referred to as the Dissolution Proceedings. The Act allows the dissolution of the marriage if the marriage is broken irretrievably or if one spouse is incapacitated mentally.

divorceThe marriage is found to be “broken irretrievably” if the marital relationship is virtually over, the hope for reconciliation is not there and the it is in the best interest of the parties that the marriage be terminated. The parties are not supposed to live apart before seeking a marital dissolution. Before filing for the dissolution of marriage, one of the spouses must have been a resident of Florida for at least 6 months.  In other words, if either the wife or the husband have been a Florida resident for at least six months you can file for divorce in the State of Florida.

A couple may qualify in dissolving their marriage by themselves through a more simplified process. However, a number of divorces require an experienced divorce lawyer’s services to assist in resolving the complex issues that concern child custody, child visitation and support; real property, business property and any other assets division; the distribution of debts and any other liabilities; and alimony.

To minimize the financial and emotional strain of a marital dissolution Katz & Associates and its divorce lawyers in Sunrise, Florida can help you through its experienced, knowledgeable Florida divorce attorneys. They can assist you in reaching your property and settlements constructively; making child custody arrangements and resolving other divorce related issues through mediation and negotiation. And if necessary the divorce attorneys from Katz & Associates can represent your interests vigorously in a law court just protect your welfare in the future.

In essence, divorcing couples can be able to resolve their disputed issues amicably at the same time reach a settlement agreement which will require little more than the signature of the judge. Even though you might be among the lucky few, an attorney handling family law in Florida can review your agreement at the same time protect your interests during the emotionally challenging times.

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