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DUI Florida Law & Possible DUI Sanctions


Under Florida law, a person is guilty of Driving Under the Influence [ DUI ] in Broward County and Miami-Dade County if the person is found driving while under the influence [referred to as a DUI] with any alcoholic beverage or chemical substances to the extent their normal faculties are impaired and the person has a breath alcohol content over .08. It is important to note that chemical substances may include illegal substances such as marijuana, cocaine and even medical prescriptions.  Evidence of impairment of a person’s normal faculties include speeding, diving slow, slower reaction time, weaving in and out, slurred speech, glassy eyes and difficulty walking in a straight line.

Dui-Defense-Port-Saint-Lucie-Stuart-Treasure-Coast-FloridaPenalties under Florida law for a conviction of DUI in Sunrise, Ft. Lauderdale, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines,and Miami area [Broward and Miami-Dade County] Florida are enforced to the fullest extent the law provides. Handling your DUI case on your own without using a criminal defense attorney handling DUI defense could subject you to sanctions and/or penalties including jail, a license suspension, probation, fines, court fees, your vehicle being impounded, counseling, and substance abuse classes.

Possible Fort Lauderdale, Florida and Miami, Florida DUI Penalties can include the following:

  • Fines of up to $5,000
  • License Suspension or Revocation
  • Vehicle Impound
  • Probation (up to 5 years)
  • Jail time (30 days – 5 years)
  • Court ordered ignition interlock device

At Katz & Associates Law Firm with DUI Criminal Defense Lawyers and DUI defense attorneys and DWI defense lawyers and attorneys located in the Sunrise, Florida [including satellite offices in Fort Lauderdale] and Miami, Florida area will do all in our power to defend your DUI chargeand attempt to prevent you from being subjected to any of the sanctions listed above, or at the very least, work hard to minimize them. Our opportunity to minimize the effect of these DUI penalties is contingent upon you giving us the opportunity to represent you on your DUI charge. Once we have an opportunity to sit down with you and review the facts of your case, including the police report, there may actually exist valid legal defenses to your DUI to suppress some or all of the evidence against you. The reality is, without evidence, the State Attorney may have a difficult time proving that you were DUI.

Contact us now to speak to a DUI Criminal Defense Attorney and DUI lawyer and Broward County DUI Criminal Defense Lawyer and DUI lawyer in Sunrise, Florida and Miami, Florida!!!  We look forward to representing you.  Our goal is to give you the best possible defense in theDUI charges against you.

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